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March 18, 2011

Results on Vegetable Soup Diet

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Results: I lost 3 pounds in a week and a half, but I believe 1.5- 2 ibs could be water weight, because I eventually gained it back this week.

The Verdict: The vegetable soup diet or the sacred hearts diets as many call it was not as bad I initially anticipated. However its a diet one can only do for a short term period.

Modification: More Protein. Vitamin/Mineral supplements are not going to be enough to sustain you throughout the day, which is why I ended up adding tilapia with every meal and towards the end of the week I started eating lentil/bean soup which has plenty carbohydrates and protein at once

Good for eating out? : Yes, as long as you eat some type of Bean Soup.


March 7, 2011

Vegetable Soup Diet

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Sorry I haven’t updated in forever! You guys know how terribly busy I was studying for the mcat. But I’m back and hopefully trying out more of these diets that people claim will help you lose weight and discovering how effective they really are. My new diet was inspired by a friend of mine thats doing it as well (but a different variation). Either way I hope we both achieve our desired results. I’ll post my results in a week. ūüôā

Protein Shake Diet Results: I really enjoyed the protein shake diet. I ended up lasting 10 days on it and lost 7 pounds and about 1 pant size. However¬†this diet is only good for about 2 weeks and not to maintain a healthly lifestyle. The diet is only as effective as long as you do at least 30-40min of cardio everyday. After the diet I ate mainly meat and vegetables and I managed to keep the weight off in those 2 months that I was studying and couldn’t go to the gym. By maintaining my weight and eating healthy, I ended up dropping 2 pant sizes and 12% body fat.

Diet #2: Vegetable Soup Diet.

Vegetable Soup recipe find it here:

Day 1: Include all fruits in as much quantity as you want in your diet, except bananas, along with the soup.

Day 2: Include all vegetables in your diet, especially leafy green ones rather than starchy ones. You can even have one baked potato, without butter and vegetable soup.

Day 3: Stick to fruit and vegetables only, with no potato. Vegetable soup can be taken as much as you want.

Day 4: Drink skimmed milk and bananas for each meal. Eat at least eight bananas with enough skim milk. This is once again teamed with the vegetable soup, in desired quantity.

Day 5: Tomatoes and meat. However, limit the quantity of meat, resorting to red meat for the iron. Ensure you drink plenty of water to wash out the acid from the tomatoes. The soup is to be taken according to your discretion.

Day 6: Meat and Vegetables (limiting the meat). Soup and Vegetable can be taken in any ample quantity.

Day 7: Brown rice along with vegetables. Take soup, as much as you want.

Exercise: An hour of cardio everyday (I usually do spinning, but I’m going to alternate with running). Weight training 3X a week. I’m also going to be trying BodyrockTV. Link here:¬†

Current Weight: 135 ibs

Measurements: 35-25-38

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