Bite Size Buddha

October 27, 2010

Bite Size Buddha

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I would like to start off this blog with a little anecdote. When I was in high school I was taking a class in which we were learning about different religions. I grew a fascination for practically every religion we were studying, but I decided to pick Buddhism to present for my class project. I researched for countless of hours and my curiousity increased exponentially with every tick of the clock. The branch of buddhism which I was instantly drawn to is called Theravada. I’m going to try to explain their philosophy as accurately and concisely as possible (courtesy of Wikipedia). The Theravada’s philosophy has Four Noble Truths:

1. Suffering: Due to attachments to worldly things, due to change etc.

2. Cause of Suffering: Cravings which leads to attachments and bondage.

3. Cessation of Suffering: Elimination of the cause (craving) eliminates the result (suffering) through detachment.

4. Pathway to Freedom from Suffering: With the right concentration, right actions and right dedication one can ultimately reach Nirvana, a state of pure bliss.

One can relate these Four Noble Truths to any aspect of one’s life, such as romantic relationships, professional development, or monetary obsessions, but what I associate it with is my relationship with food. Bite Size Buddha is a blog thats going to consist of observations of not only my relationship with food, but also of my family members, my friends and people I may come across with on my journey. Also, I will conduct a mini sociological study using my self as guinea pig, in which I will employ different diet techniques and show the most efficient and effectives ones to use. I hope that you guys follow on my quest through these Four Noble Truths and employ them in your lives as well. 🙂


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